How to add a free SSL certificate to a non-secure custom domain

Pagewiz provides a free Secure Socket Layer (SSL) certificate to all the customers under all plans.
If you have configured a custom URL in the past with Pagewiz, but it still doesn't have an SSL certificate, this guide will show you how to add a free SSL to your already existing custom URL at Pagewiz.
* If you wish to create a new custom URL – please read this guide instead.

To use our free SSL certificate, you will need to change the CNAME record of your existing custom domain from to 
You should note that changing your CNAME will affect your landing pages in several ways. Be aware of the following: 

  1. Changing the CNAME will add SSL to all the landing pages under that specific custom domain. 
  1. All references to non-SSL assets in your pages (http://) will need to be updated to secure ones (https://). Browsers do not load non-secure assets on secured web pages. It is best to update all of your references before switching your CNAME. Items to check include: 
  • Conversion and remarketing codes
  • Links to 'thank you' pages
  • HTML, Javascript and CSS codes
  1. After changing your CNAME, you may need to wait up to eight hours for the change to propagate through the internet, though most changes will happen within 0-2 hours. When you see that the URL is available with SSL, please submit a few test leads to see if everything works properly. 
  1. If you are currently using SSL through CloudFlare, make sure to turn off their SSL option by graying-out the cloud icon in their system. Browsers will reject pages that use two different SSL certificates at the same time. 

If something doesn't work as expected, please send us an email to with your Pagewiz username, page name, and page URL.

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