Testing your integration using RequestBin

Let’s say that you’ve set up the integration properly, but the leads are still not going through to your CRM. There is a way you can test the integration to see the data sent from Pagewiz to your external CRM.

By viewing the data, you will be able to recognize any discrepancy between that data sent from Pagewiz and the data expected by your CRM.

The proper way of using RequestBin:

  1. Goto https://requestbin.com 
  2. Click ‘+Create a RequestBin’.
  3. Keep the window open throughout this process.
  4. At the top of the page you will see a Bin URL:

  5. Copy the URL and use it instead of your CRM’s URL. You can do this only in two circumstances as there are two types of CRM integrations (POST and GET) you can test:

  6. Instead of the CRM’s URL in the ‘Get leads directly to your CRM’ located under the ‘Basic Settings’ tab (CRM POST integration)


    Instead of the {TARGET_URL} located inside the conversion code that sends data to your CRM (CRM GET integration)

  7. Now go to your landing page and fill out the form in order to test the integration.
  8. To view the data sent from Pagewiz, go to the open RequestBin window (from step 3).
  9. Refresh the page until you see the page display the data sent from Pagewiz. It should look something like this:

On the left you can see the information sent from Pagewiz. At the bottom you can see the raw body text as sent from Pagewiz.
Once you have this information, you can see exactly which data is sent over to your CRM.
This can assist with troubleshooting your external CRM provider.


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