Optimize Your Landing Page Loading Time

While we do everything possible to make the landing pages you create using Pagewiz load super-fast, there is still something you can do to help:
Landing pages that load quickly mean a better user experience for your visitors, which, in turn, means a higher potential conversion rate for your campaign.

If you upload custom images to use on your landing page, take the time to minimize and optimize them.
Uploading a very large image to your landing page means that every visitor's browser has to download the very large image before your visitor can see it.
You cannot predict your visitors' bandwidth, and should therefore provide as small an image as possible, while still maintaining its sharpness and high quality.
Here are a few ways you can optimize your custom images for the web, prior to uploading them to the Pagewiz servers:

  • Use Smush.it™ to shrink down your image's size.
  • Use Photoshop to save your images for the web.
  • Use either one of the online tools mentioned in this blog post (TinyPNG is our favorite).

Watch this video to learn how to reduce Image size, while maintaining awesome quality:


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