Key Concepts

Pagewiz is the do-it-yourself landing page platform that lets you create, publish, and split-test landing pages on the fly.

This Manual will take you through all the Pagewiz features, one by one. We will leave no stone unturned!

We'll start by reviewing a few key concepts associated with landing pages:

  • Visits = the number of unique visitors your landing page receives in a day, a month, or some other period. If the same person, using the same IP address, visits a landing page several times in a certain period, that just counts as one unique visitor.
  • Views = the number of times a page has been viewed, regardless of the number of visitors viewing it. Your landing page statistics may show 38 unique visitors generating 51 page views because some visitors came back to the landing page more than once.
  • A lead = a visitor filling in and submitting the form on your landing page is considered a lead.
  • Clicks (click-throughs) = the number of times visitors to your site have clicked on a button or link. You decide which buttons or links will count as when a user clicks or selects them.
  • Conversion rate = The most important key concept. The main goal of your landing page is to achieve and maintain a high conversion rate. This rate is basically Leads/Visitors.


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