Adding Text & Images

Add a Text Headline to your landing page

You can add text headlines to your landing page by dragging a headline element and placing it on your landing page canvas.
You can use the link menu, located in the Ribbon toolbar, to set a link directly from the headline text to a specific URL address.
The font menu includes a headline tag option that makes it easy to set the same headline style (H1, H2, etc.…) for all headlines, to improve the look of your site.

Add Rich Text to your landing page

The rich text element is intended for long texts that can display several styles in one box.
Double-click on a rich text element to open a window at the bottom of the screen that contains advanced rich text options (just like in a word processor):

Add an Image to your landing page

Add an image to your landing page by dragging an image element onto your landing page canvas.When the image element is on the canvas, a media browser appears so you can select and upload an image to Pagewiz and use it on your landing page:

The link menu, in the Ribbon toolbar, lets you set a link directly from the image to a specific URL address.
To maintain image proportions while re-sizing an image, hold down the Shift button.

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