Embedding a Conversion Code

If you are running an online campaign with services such as AdWords or Facebook Ads, you probably need to have conversion code fire when a conversion is made on your landing page.
The recommended way to embed your conversion code is by adding JavaScript to your Thank You page (‘Page Settings’ -> ‘Scripts & Styles’ -> ‘JS’ -> ‘Add a new script’).


If you do not have access to the campaign's "Thank You" page (maybe it's part of a company's website), you could still have your conversion code fire directly from your landing page, like this:

  1. Go to the landing page where you wish to embed conversion code.
  2. On the left hand menu – choose “SEO & Plugins”.
  3. Select the “External Conversion Code
  4. If you have A/B testing set, select which of your variants you want to affect.
  5. Enter your tracking code in the text box and click “Save Changes”.

Now your conversion code is enabled, and will fire every time a conversion occurs.

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