Adding an Anchor Link

You may want to add a button on your Pagewiz Landing page which takes the visitor to a specific section on the page. To set this up:

  1. Complete the design of your page, with all the elements (including the buttons and the sections), and publish it.
  2. Open the page in your browser and place your mouse cursor on the section to which you want to anchor your button. Right click on your mouse and select ”inspect Element”.
  3. Find the ID of that section. Please check the image below for reference.

  4. Copy the ID of the Section - in this case it's SECTION4.
  5. Open your landing page in Design mode. Create the link to the specific section:
    hash tag + the section ID you've just copied. It should look something like this: #SECTION4
    For example:
    Settings an anchor link from rich text element:

    Settings an anchor link from a button element:

  6. In order for the anchor link to perform smoothly it is recommended you add smooth scrolling to your landing page.
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