UTM's & Pre-populating Form Fields

All Pagewiz forms have pre-population functionality built-in. You can use it to extract UTM parameters from the URL, or to pre-populate form fields with dynamic values.

Extract UTM parameters

Pagewiz automatically extracts URL parameters into form fields with an identical name. Those values are saved and passed with the lead details.
For example: to save the parameter called utm_source, add a hidden text box field to your form called utm_source. That's all!

If you are running Facebook or Adwords campaigns:
Each ad directs to the landing page with the same parameter name, utm_source, but with different values.
When a user clicks your Facebook ad he is redirected to your landing page as follows: http://p1.pagewiz.net/amobe/?utm_source=Facebook
When a user clicks your Adwords ad he is redirected to your landing page as follows: http://p1.pagewiz.net/amobe/?utm_source=Adwords

Now, each new lead is saved with a new field called utm_source containing the values passed in the URL: Facebook or Adwords, as seen in the following example. This field automatically appears under your landing page’s lead details:


This field can also be exported to external CRM’s and to a CSV file for further processing.

Pre-populate form fields with dynamic values

The pre-populate functionality lets you pass and display dynamic values in form fields.
Let's say you have a form with a field called Name. You'd like each visitor to see their name already filled in when they view the page.
To make that happen, type the field label name as it appears in Pagewiz, an equal sign (=), and the value you want to pre-populate the field with, like so: Name=Bob.
If you want to pre-populate more than one field, add the other field names, separating them with the ‘&’ sign.
Have a look at this example: http://p1.pagewiz.net/amobe/?Name=Bob&Email=test@mail.com&Phone=1-800-tambourine
The form fields get pre-populated with the values that were passed in the URL:

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