ZohoCRM Integration

One of the most commonly used CRM’s, ZohoCRM is a convenient and affordable CRM solution for small businesses. The process of integrating Pagewiz with ZohoCRM is a bit complex. But don’t worry: we are going to give you detailed step-by-step instructions here.

Before starting the integration process, build your landing page and create your landing page form. With the ‘Form’ element on the design mode of Pagewiz, create the form and add fields as per your requirements. Note that if you want to capture the name of the lead, use two fields: ‘First Name’ and ‘Last Name’. Just one ‘Name’ field doesn’t work with ZohoCRM integration. When you are satisfied with your page design and the form on it, publish it.

Now integrate this form with ZohoCRM so that leads captured on your landing page are automatically sent to your ZohoCRM leads list. The integration process has two parts: Generating a ZohoCRM web form and integrating your landing page with ZohoCRM.

Part 1: Generating a ZohoCRM Web Form 

  1. Log in to your ZohoCRM
  2. Click ‘Setup’ at the top right corner. See the image below for reference.

  3. On the Setup page, look for ‘Web Forms’ under Website Integration. Click it.

  4. Click ‘Create Webform’ to build your form in ZohoCRM.
  5. Now you have a default form on the popup window with three fields- Last Name, Email and Phone. Add and remove form fields until this form has exactly the fields your landing page form has. Also, make sure that the names of the fields on both forms match exactly in terms of spelling and uppercase/lowercase letters. For example, you will probably need to add the ‘First Name’ field to the ZohoCRM webfrom.

  6. Click ‘Next Step’ when you are done with the form.
  7. On the next screen (Form Details), give your form a name. It doesn’t need to match the form name of your Pagewiz landing page. Copy the URL of your Pagewiz landing page and paste it in both the Landing page URL and Form Location URL fields. Click ‘Save’ to proceed.

  8. Now you have ‘Embed Options’. The screen shows the source code of the form for your site. Keep this tab open and go back to your Pagewiz account.

Part 2: Integrating the Landing Page with ZohoCRM

  1. Go to ‘Settings’ of your landing page.
  2. Choose ‘Integrations’ from the left menu.
  3. Click ‘Settings’ beside ‘Webhook: Get Leads Directly to Your CRM’.
  4. You can see four tabs: Basic Settings, Default Fields, Form Fields, Custom Fields. Check the “Active” check-box to enable lead forwarding from Pagewiz to your CRM, and enter the URL for the Zoho CRM POST protocol. The URL for Zoho CRM is: https://crm.zoho.com/crm/WebToLeadForm. You can copy it from the code given on ZohoCRM.

  5. Uncheck all of the fields on the 'Default Fields' tab.
  6. On the ‘Form Fields’ tab, you have an automatically extracted list from your landing page’s form. Make sure that the corresponding fields on your ZohoCRM are spelled correctly, including spaces, characters and capital letters.


  7. On the ‘Custom Fields’ tab, insert the custom values from the ZohoCRM webform code. Insert the values for these three names: xnQsjsdp, xmIwtLD and actionType. The format is key=value&key=value where the ‘name’ on the code will be the key. There has to be an ampersand (&) in between each custom value. It should look something like this:
    For the three values you need to add, please check the image below:

  8. Save the settings and your integration with Zoho CRM should be active.

Test the integration by submitting test data on your landing page. Note that sometimes it takes 5 to 10 minutes for the data to get imported into ZohoCRM. You will see your data under ‘Leads’ on your ZohoCRM account.

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