Building your Form

The standard feature of any landing page: A form that collects visitor data and generates leads.

You can add any number of forms to your landing page by dragging a form element onto your landing page canvas. Once you add a form element, the Form Builder window automatically opens. 

The Form Builder has three tabs: Form fields, Form settings & Form validation.

Form fields

Here you can edit the contents of your form. Add fields by dragging them onto the form. You can select several fields to add to your form: Textbox, Multiple Choice, Dropdown, Checkboxes, Text area and Hidden Textbox.

You can edit each field's settings by hovering the mouse over the field and selecting “Edit field”.
You can set the field's text label, placeholder and pre-filled values.
You can also set validations to your fields such as Email validation (which will block 99% of spam leads), URL validation, and numeric and alphabetic validations.


Form settings

Here you can edit your form’s name, and the action taken upon form submission. You can select whether you’d like to show a message, redirect to a thank-you page or redirect to a file.

Here you can also set your form’s writing direction (right-to-left / left-to-right). Make sure to select Right to Left if your input fields are in Hebrew or Arabic.


Show message: Here you can edit the thank-you message that will display upon form submission.

Redirect to a thank you page: Set a redirection to your thank-you page upon form submission.
Paste the thank-you page URL in the address box and, once your form is completed and submitted, the site displays the thank you page.

Creating a Thank-You page - The thank you page can be either an external URL such as your website's homepage, or any other Pagewiz landing page. The easiest way to set up a Thank-you page is to duplicate the landing page, add the thank-you message, and delete any unnecessary elements.

Redirect to a file (upon form submission): Set a prompt for a file download once a visitor submits the form. You can select to upload a file (txt, pdf and image files) or paste the URL of an externally hosted file.

Form validations

Here you can choose the error message type (message box or tooltip) and the message displayed for each validation.


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