Adding HTML

Add an 'HTML Code' element to integrate any external HTML code such as external forms and social media plugins (some might require embedding some JavaScript code as well) onto your landing page.


Drag the 'HTML Code' element onto your page and paste the HTML code in the big text-box, then click “Apply”.

How to embed a social widget

Common examples for Social media plugins you might want to consider embedding:

  • Facebook Page plugin

  • Twitter Widget

1. Obtain your widget's external code. In most cases the code will contain two sections: some JavaScript code and some HTML code.

2. If the code includes JavaScript code, embed it via 'Page Settings' -> 'Scripts & Styles' -> 'JS' -> 'Add a new script'.


3. Embed any HTML code in an “HTML Code” element:
In the Pagewiz editor, drag an “HTML Embed” element to wherever you want your element to show on your landing page.
4. Give it a descriptive name.
5. Paste the HTML code in the big text box.
6. Click “Apply”.

You can now adjust the size of your element by dragging its edges with your mouse pointer.
Note: You may not be able to preview your embedded widget in action inside the builder. Click “Preview” to take a look at what you've embedded.

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