Adding a Video


You can embed any web-hosted video by dragging the Video element onto your landing page. You can select the video to play in that element.


Embedding YouTube & Vimeo videos

1. Drag a 'Video” element from the bar on the left side to wherever you want it on your landing page.
2. Paste your video's URL into the pop up window, and customize its width and height.
3. You can have the video auto-play when the page loads, or play only when the viewer clicks “Play”.
4. Click Apply.

Embedding videos not hosted on YouTube & Vimeo

If your video is not hosted on YouTube or Vimeo, you have to embed it in your landing page as an HTML element:

1. Obtain an iFrame code for your video.
2. Drag an “HTML Embed” element from the bar on the left hand side to where you want it on the canvas.
3. Name your embedded code component.
4. Paste your code in the big text-box.
5. Click Apply.

You can now adjust the size of your video by dragging its edges with your mouse.
Note: You will not be able to preview your embedded video inside the builder. Click “Preview” to take a look at what you've embedded.

Prevent your YouTube video from showing related videos

If you want to prevent your YouTube video from showing suggested videos once your video is done playing:

Go to your video's YouTube page, select the Share option and the Embed tab, and un-check the ”how suggested videos when the video finishes” check-box.

You can now copy the video's iFrame code and embed it into your landing page using the “HTML Embed” element.
Your visitors will now have one less reason to wander off your landing page.

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