The Ribbon Toolbar

The Ribbon toolbar controls design properties of your landing page elements, such as width, height, and color.

The ribbon toolbar changes the options displayed for each element.
For example: this is how the ribbon toolbar looks like once a shape element is selected.


The ribbon toolbar has four main menus (views) once you have selected any element: Size, Background, Border and Font.

The Size menu

Here you can change the element’s size and location on the page.


The Background menu

Here you can edit your element’s background by selecting a background fill color, image and gradient.


The Border menu

Here you can change and alter the element’s border size, color, and type (dotted/solid), and set round corners and various drop shadows.


The Font menu

Here you can edit your selected element’s font, size, color, H1-H7 tags (available only in the headline element), alignment, text direction, and style (bold, underline, italic and shadow effect).


Adding Google Fonts to your landing page

To add Google Fonts to your landing page, click on ‘Font’ and select ‘Get More Fonts…’


A Web Fonts window appears, showing all Google fonts:


To add a font click “Add to site” at the top right corner of the font you want. To remove a font select ‘Remove’.
Each font you add to the site will be available to you and added automatically to the font menu of your landing page.
Note: It's recommended not to add more than three or four fonts to the landing page as site loading time increases with each font added to the page.

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