Designer Overview

The designer has five main sections:

The Page Buttons (highlighted in orange) are at the top right side of your screen: Dashboard – Navigate to the dashboard where you can view statistics and change the landing page settings. Help – Feeling confused? Click to see our various help options and get assistance from our team.

The Elements Menu (highlighted in blue) is at the left side of the page. You can drag elements from this menu onto your landing page canvas.

The Ribbon Toolbar (highlighted in green) is at the top left side of your screen. You can control all the element design features from here.

The Control Bar (highlighted in yellow) is between the page design and the Ribbon toolbar. Here you control element options like alignment and positioning as well as save & preview your page's design.

The Landing Page canvas (highlighted in red) is the visible area of your landing page where you place all your page elements.

Note: Pagewiz lets you drag and drop elements outside the canvas area, but it's important to place all elements on the canvas before publishing the page.

When right-clicking an element, a popup (“context”) menu appears with the specific element’s options, as well as five standard icons/options:


  • Delete element
  • Duplicate element
  • Lock element
  • Bring forward
  • Send backward

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