Get leads directly to your email

Set up specific email addresses for the landing page to send lead information to.


If you haven’t defined a specific email addresses, you will receive leads to your account’s email address, the one you use to log in to Pagewiz. This can be setup from the ‘Integrations’ menu -> ‘Get leads directly to your e-mail’.

To add a new email address, click ‘Settings’ -> ‘Add new e-mail’ -> ‘Add’.



  • After you add an email address, the system sends a verification email to the address owner. The address will only be activated for receiving Pagewiz leads after the address owner clicks the verification link.
  • After you add an email address for a specific page, the system automatically stops sending leads from that page to the account owner's email address. You can add the account’s owner email address as well if you want to continue receiving lead information there.
  • To stop an E-mail address from receiving leads simply click ‘remove’.
  • If you'd like to stop receiving lead notifications by email, send a request to and we'll remove the account’s owner Email from the lead notification emails.


In case you would like to fully customize the Emails sent by Pagewiz, you can do so with our White-labeling feature.
Click here for more information about our white-labeling feature.


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