The Control Bar

The control bar is a dynamic control bar. Many of its options change according to the element you select. There are two fixed features on the dynamic control bar:

Undo/redo buttons located on the left


Page rulers and guidelines buttons located on the right


The dynamic elements control bar has four different displays:

1. When a ‘section’ element is selected:


You can move sections up or down with the use of the arrows, or delete a selected section.

2. When a single element is selected:


You can duplicate, delete and lock the element selected. You can also align the element and decide whether you would like to bring the element to the front or send it to the back of the display (element alignment and location).

Using Multi select

You can select one or more elements by holding down the CTRL button while you select elements with the mouse. Another way of doing this is by dragging your mouse to select all the elements in an area of the canvas.

3. When two elements are selected new buttons are added to the bar:


There are additional icons referring to the alignment of the two elements selected by aligning their top, bottom, left & right edges, or aligning their vertical/horizontal centers to each other. You can only duplicate one element at a time.

4. When three elements or more are selected there will be two additional buttons which let you set the same horizontal/vertical spacing between the elements selected.


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