Setting up A/B Testing

Here you can set up A/B testing to improve your landing page conversion rate.


In essence, 'A/B testing' is a technique to help you optimize your landing page conversion rate.
You do it by creating more than one version of your landing page with different messages, content, or special offers (each version = a variant). Pagewiz then displays the different variants in rotation under the same URL and tracks how each version does in terms of views and leads. You can then focus on the most effective and profitable messages and approaches.

A/B testing is considered as the most cost effective way to get more leads out of your existing campaigns without increasing your budget. Many times you find that minor changes such as changing the title, the main image or other visual elements in the page can increase your page’s conversion rate, which in turn generates more leads.

You can read more about AB testing best practice methods in our blog.

Setting up A/B testing

  1. Choose the landing page you wish to set up A/B testing for.
  2. Go to the settings page for that landing page and select the 'A/B Testing' tab on the left side. The landing page has only one version (variant) named 'A'.
  3. To create another version of the page, click 'Add New Variant'.
  4. Click 'Duplicate' to create a copy of version 'A'. You should now see a message confirming the successful creation of the new variant.
  5. Click the options button for the new variant and choose 'Design'. The editor appears so you can change elements of version 'B' (or whatever) to test other options.
  6. Click 'Save' when you are done editing.
  7. To set the frequency rate at which each version of the landing page will be presented, go back to the 'A/B Testing' and click under the frequency rate of one of the version to change its percentage. You can also click 'Options' and choose 'Change Frequency' to change the variant's frequency rate.
    If you set 'A' to 60%, for example, then 'B' will automatically change to 40%. Now variant 'A' will be presented to 60% of the visitors, while 'B' will be seen by 40% of your visitors.

You should come back regularly to check and follow up on the data we collect on the A/B testing you have set up. You will then be able to decide which of your variants works best statistically, and get rid of the less converting variants. You can then start another round of A/B testing with the next possible improvement.

Please note you can toggle to see 'All Variants' or only 'Active Variants' from the top right corner.

How A/B testing works with Pagewiz

A landing page with active A/B testing has two or more variants. Variants are independent landing pages that share and operate under the same URL.
Variants are created by duplicating an existing landing page from within your account. The new variant and the landing page that it was duplicated from are two separate and independent landing pages.
Each variant collects its own statistics and leads, and can have its own design.

OK, you’ve set up A/B testing. How come you keep seeing the same variant when accessing the page’s URL?

Let's say you made two versions of your landing page, and have set version A to show to 40% of the viewers, and for B to show to 60% of the viewers.
Our system works with cookies, so that if a person had seen version A of your page, our system will know it, and will keep showing them that same version, again and again.


Well, imagine this:
you are trying to test whether a certain price tag is more successful in attracting more clients, so you set one price tag on version A of your landing page, and another price tag on version B. We imagine you wouldn't want the same potential client to see two different price tags on the same product on different visits to your site, right?

To see the different variants you have set:

  1. Go to the Dashboard and choose 'Pages'.
  2. Choose the landing page you wish to check and click 'A/B Testing'.
  3. A list of the versions you have created appears.
  4. On the right hand side, under 'Options', select 'Preview' to see that version.

The search button located on the top right (just beside ‘Add a new variant’) lets you toggle views between all variants and active variants.

Lock Frequency – This feature is for setting a fixed frequency rate for a certain variant. This allows you to control the frequency that each variant displays to visitors to your site. To lock a variant's frequency, click “Options” beside that version.

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