Create a New Landing Page

The Designer, or Landing Page Builder, is where you'll design and customize your landing pages using our simple and intuitive drag & drop tool. To create a new landing page, log in to Pagewiz and click "Create New Landing Page".


If this is your first landing page, start with any design and customize your Mobile version later on using this guide.
If you would like to create only a mobile landing page design check the 'Standalone Mobile Campaign' to view our mobile landing page templates.

Choose a name for the page and assign it to one of your projects.

Note: you can always change the assigned project later to better organize your pages.

When you are ready, click “Save & Design”.

Choosing A Template

The templates section offers two template types, free templates by Pagewiz, and ThemeForest premium templates (paid), created by the ThemeForest community especially for Pagewiz. You can fully customize Themeforest templates as you can the free Pagewiz templates.

Choose a blank template to start fresh. This is ideal if you want to upload an existing design to Pagewiz. Once you’ve decided on a template click “Choose This Template”, enter a name for the page and assign it to one of your projects, then click “Save & Design”. Pagewiz then displays the landing page designer.

Importing a Themeforest template to Pagewiz

If you want to use a Themeforest template, you need to purchase it from Themeforest's website and save it to your computer so you can import it to your Pagewiz account.

To import your ThemeForest template, click the down-arrow to the right of the Create New Landing Page button.


Next, select “Import from file” from the options:


In the dropdown menu that appears, select “Choose File”. You can then browse to where you saved the Themeforest template you want to use. Choose the template (the file has the “.pagewiz” extension), then click “Upload”. Pagewiz imports the template and it appears in your Landing Pages dashboard. You can now use it as-is or customize it to suit your needs.

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