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Manage your page metadata and external conversion codes.

Meta Tags

Fill in data to make your landing page search engine friendly and optimized.
Page Meta Title
– The title is the most important of all of the Meta tags. Changing the page’s Meta Title will automatically change the page’s title located at the top of your browser and optimize the page title for search engines.

Page Meta Keywords – Add keywords to improve your landing page search engine results. This will have a lesser impact on SEO than other Meta Tags.
Page Meta Description
– A very useful tag for explaining and describing what your page is about.

Robots & GoogleBot Tag – Here you can add tags that would prevent Google and other search engines from indexing your landing page contents and scanning it for links to follow.
To do this, add a ‘NOINDEX’ and / or a ‘NOFOLLOW’ tag:
Robots Tag / GoogleBot Tag: NOINDEX, NOFOLLOW

These Meta Tags prevent Google and other search engines from indexing or following your page.

Google Webmaster Tools Meta Tag Verification

This tool provides you with detailed reports about the visibility of your pages on Google.
To verify your landing page with Google Webmaster Tools you need to enter the "Content Property" attribute from the Meta tag provided to you by Google and click ‘Save Changes’. 

External Conversion Code

The recommended method to fire your conversion code is by adding JavaScript code to your Thank You page: (‘Page Settings’ -> ‘Scripts & Styles’ -> ‘JS’ -> ‘Add a new script’).
If you don't have a thank you page, Pagewiz can still fire your conversion code. You will simply have to embed your conversion code into this section.
This section should only be used if you are not using a Thank You page, or if you
do not have access to your campaign’s Thank You page (part of a company's website). In this case you could still have your conversion code fire straight from your landing page by embedding your conversion code here.



Small details can make a big difference! Maximize your landing page’s visibility by adding a favicon to your page’s browser tab.

A Favicon (short for favorite icon) is a small image—typically your logo, if you have one—that represents your brand on the browser tab. Here’s the green Pagewiz favicon:


How to set up your own Favicon:

  1. From the pages page, hover your mouse on your desired page and click ‘Settings’.
  2. Click ‘SEO & Plugins’, and select the ‘Customized Icons’ tab.
  3. In the FAV Icon section, click the "Upload Icon" button. 
  4. Choose the image you would like to display.
    Note: The recommended size is: 16x16 pixels or 32x32 pixels.
  5. Now you can see the favicon on your published landing page.

If you’d like to remove your favicon, click the "Delete Icon" button.


Facebook Share Image

You can also set up a Customized Facebook Share Image to improve your landing pages’ Facebook visibility:



Setting Up a Facebook Share Image

  1. Go to your page’s Settings, click SEO & Plugins, and select the ‘Customized Icons’ tab.
  2. In the Facebook Share Image section, click the "Upload Image" button.
  3. Chose the image you want to display whenever you share your landing page on Facebook and click “Save”.
    Note: The recommended size is: 1200x630 pixels or 600x315 pixels.
  4. Go to the Facebook Share Text section and enter your Facebook Share Title and Facebook Share Description.
  5. Click "Save Changes".

After you click “Save Changes”, wait a couple of minutes before posting on Facebook. When posting or sharing your landing page on Facebook it will look like this:



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