Getting Started

Now, let’s dig in to the platform itself. From the upper menu, you can visit the platform's six sections:


The Dashboard

This section shows you an informative overview of your account.


This screen is split into two sections:

Monthly Performance – This area shows monthly performance values for all landing pages within the account

Monthly Statistics – This area shows a monthly graphical view of the detailed statistics described above.


Here you can view all of the leads captured from all landing pages in your account.


Inbox - Click on a lead to toggle between lead data (collected by the form) and additional data (collected by Pagewiz).

Active Leads / Deleted Leads – toggle between a view of active or deleted leads.

To restore a deleted lead, select the lead and click ‘Restore’.

You can also export to CSV (MS Excel file), delete leads, and mark them as handled/unhandled.

Click the search icon located on the right to filter leads by date and by page.

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