Account Settings

Here you can manage all your account settings. Access your account settings by clicking your account’s email address. From the dropdown menu that appears, select ‘Account Settings’.


Profile Details

Here you can edit your profile information. Note that changing the time zone affects the display time of the leads received.


Plan Details

Here you can view and manage your subscription plan. You can also find a plan overview that shows your monthly account consumption.

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Cancelling your Pagewiz Account

To cancel your Pagewiz account, click ‘Cancel subscription’.



  • Only a paying account can be cancelled. There is no option for cancelling a free trial account.
  • Although an account may have been cancelled, it remains active until the current subscription period expires.
  • You can still access a cancelled account. All landing page information remains accessible after account cancellation. This way, when you upgrade or reactivate the account, you can view the full details of your leads and continue from where you left off.

Account Access: Multiple Client Accounts

Here you can manage multiple client accounts. Pagewiz supports management of multiple clients’ campaigns from within a single account. Every Pagewiz account owner can invite another account owner (for instance, a designer or a marketing agency) to view and modify their campaigns for them.

To add an account: click ‘Add Account’. In the field that appears, enter the Email address of the person you wish to allow access. Then click ‘Save’.

Pagewiz sends a confirmation message to the Email address you’ve entered, with a link to confirm account access.

After confirming the Email, the person or agency can switch into your account from the account menu, like so:



  • You can grant access to a free account. This way marketing agencies and designers who build landing pages for their clients and wish to manage their accounts can have a 100% free account for viewing their client’s accounts.
  • You can easily revoke access you’ve granted by simply navigating back to the ‘Account Access’ tab, hovering over the account you’d like to revoke access from, and clicking on ‘Revoke Access’’ like so:account_setting5.png

Updating your Login Details

Here you can change your account’s email address and the password associated with your Pagewiz account.


Payment History

Here you can view your previous payments made to Pagewiz. From here you can obtain invoices for your payments, and update your billing information.

Obtaining invoices for your payments to Pagewiz

You can download and print your invoices at 'Account Settings' > 'Invoices'

Updating your billing information

In order to update your billing details go to 'Account Settings' > 'Profile' and click on the Edit button under the 'Billing Details'.

Updating your credit card details

If you wish to update your credit card details go to 'Account Settings' > 'Subscription' and click on 'Update credit card details'. 




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