How to properly design your landing page

Technical guidelines

Here are technical guidelines and recommendations for designing your landing page in Pagewiz:

Content and background:
Keep your content separated from your background images.

Recommended width for your page’s content:
Desktop- 960px
Mobile- 540px

Recommended width for your page’s background image:
Desktop- 1920px
Mobile- 540px



For example, here’s a Desktop landing page:


  • Your page’s size should be set to your content’s width. You can set your page’s width from within the editor: Page Settings -> Size & Direction. For detailed instructions, click here.
  • Make sure your page’s content is separated from your background images and is located within the page’s boundaries. This way your landing page will display properly on all devices and at different screen sizes.


Using Pagewiz you can design your landing page using multiple layers to achieve a desired effect. You can use an image as your page’s background (1), a section background (2), or simply as an image or shape that is part of the page’s contents (3).

  1.  Setting an image as your page’s background.
    Within page design, select: Page Settings -> Background -> Background Image.
    For detailed instructions, click here.
  2. Setting an image as a section background.
    Sections are horizontal panels which make up your landing page. You can add sections to your landing page and use them to control your page’s height and improve the user experience.
    To set an image as a section’s background, from within page design select: Section -> Background -> Background Image.
    • The section displays over your page’s background.
    • You can set your section’s background color to transparent – this way your page’s background will be visible.
  3. Adding an Image element to your landing page. This image element appears in its section, on top of any section background and on top of the page’s background. For detailed instructions, click here.
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